is a dissemination portal for Meteorological-Ocean (Met-Ocean) information services for the benefit of the maritime, offshore, marine engineering and marine recreational community.

The Info@SEA Water Forecast service provides high resolution operational forecasts of tides, water levels, waves and surge throughout the Singapore Straits, Malacca Straits, South China Sea and Bay of Bengal. The service is based on DHI’s in-house state of the art simulation models. Subscribers are offered detailed forecasts covering ports, offshore fields or coastal zone tailored to specific needs and requirements. Tailored forecasts are available from the secure and dedicated website and can also be transmitted via email and SMS.

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Singapore Straits Forecast Singapore Straits Forecast

A revolutionary information service to improve operational efficiency and safety of current sensitive marine activities has been launched in Singapore. The product - called STRAITSFORECAST - is now available for pilots, terminal operators, marine contractors, marine engineering consultants and public recreation users.

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South China Sea Forecast South China Sea Forecast

The South China Sea is strongly influenced by monsoon and typhoon generated waves which effect the feasibility and safety of many marine activities.

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South East Asia Regional Forecast South East Asia Regional Forecast


The Straits of Malacca is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world with 50,000 ships passing through each year. A quarter of the world's sea trade, including 11 million barrels of oil per day pass through the 500-mile long shipping lane.

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